Seeking asylum in the United States is something many people do. Whether they come in through legal means or cross the border illegally in states such as Texas, these people are looking for a better life. You may understand this if you are here seeking asylum yourself. This type of protection can mean everything and you may be willing to do anything you can to find your way into the United States. Soon, the process may require giving your DNA to the U.S. government.

With recent changes by the Trump Administration to immigration laws, it is unclear if asylum-seekers will be subject to new regulations requiring the collection of DNA. The collected data will go into the FBI database used to find criminals. However, the details of the new regulations are not completely clear.

What is known is regulations changed to make mandatory collection of DNA part of the process for all migrants who come into the United States through official entry points. It also includes those held temporarily. It does not apply to anyone coming into the country legally, legal residents or children who are under the age of 14. It is not known when the collection will begin, but there is a pilot program in the works to begin the collection efforts.

The goal of this new procedure is to increase the number of solved crimes committed by immigrants. It is also a hope that it will deter those with criminal pasts from entering the country.

There is a lot of objection to this new regulation with concern that it will lead to personal information being misused. Furthermore, they say it will not help lower crime rates.

Whether this new regulation works or not, there are sure to be lawsuits and objections to come. When dealing with any immigration issue, it might be a good option to consult an attorney.

Source: AP News