At the Texas Law Office of Rafael J. Borras, we believe that strong families are among the pillars of American society. This is one of the reasons why we help our clients reunite with their family members in the United States. 

The process of petitioning for residency for styles is by no means straightforward. There are also various political issues involved. However, at its core, immigration is a bureaucratic procedure and therefore subject to the laws of the land. We help our clients navigate those laws and attempts to keep them updated about relevant changes. 

One recent change was an attempt by the executive branch of the federal government to limit legal immigration. This action could have reduced the ability to immigrate for individuals from certain countries, targeting the so-called diversity lottery. 

As reported on, a federal judge blocked the proclamation. Reasons included that the executive branch potentially exceeded its authority, and that lawsuits discussing this issue needed time to make it through the court system. 

We understand that, when going through the immigration process, this kind of news has the potential to be stressful and distracting. However, much like immigration itself, changing the rules and regulations takes time. We typically urge our clients to focus on gathering all the necessary information required to petition for their spouses rather than getting caught up in the daily news surrounding the current political melee that is immigration in the United States. 

Regardless of the political atmosphere, we attempt to provide solid guidance that gives our clients the best possible chance of a successful petition. We also make an effort to provide clear communication and update our clients on relevant issues. Please continue to read on our main website for more information.